Techniques and types of data recovery

Techniques and types of data recovery

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Data recovery tries to eliminate windows by redirecting users to the backup server. An image is created and backup remains in the faultless state and user write operations are redirected to the image created. Users then work with the backup virtual machine and the background recovery process begins. Users cannot sense the backup process taking place in the background of workload. Once when the recovery is complete, the image is created, the user is redirected back to the original device from the virtual machine.

There is way called data loss prevention (DLP) to avoid time-consuming and costly data recovery process. DLP helps organizations to identify and prevent data loss in two different techniques.

  • Stand-alone DLP – Reside as the specialized software.
  • Integrated DLP – Found in security gateways and used to detect sensitive data.

When both the techniques are compared, integrated is better in security causes and policy management techniques.

When the system crashes, data loss occurs. Thus, data loss can cause loss of money for large companies. Depending on the type of crash, data recovery service varies. Some of the types of data recovery are

Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery

Most of the data recovery service comes from hard drive failures and it keeps on increasing. With the increasing capacity of hard drives, holding those data without the loss is essential. So the user should not neglect to back up hard drive data.

RAID recovery

RAID system is extremely essential and needed to develop best administrator help and maintenance. If it is not backed up correctly, then it may lead to huge failure and financial loss.

Tape recovery

A tape is to store back up data with sequential storage. It is just like the RAID, complex and hard to maintain. Professional help is necessary when you have to make tape recovery.

Optical recovery

An optical medium like CD and DVDs are written and read using laser technology. Recovery of these optical data due to scratch or other manual mislead can make things worse.

Removable recovery

Removable recovery refers to floppy disks, pen drives, and related media. Professional recovery is essential to take care of with various types of media.

Digital recovery

Digital media devices like camera, flash disk, and portable hard drives are becoming more affordable and rise in demand with the types of products. If there is any loss, it can be recovered with the appropriate digital data loss service.

With this various recovery service, each recovery carries different techniques to process. Depending on the cause of data loss, data recovery is processed and consulted with professionals.